This Is How Teens Are Using Social Media

This Is How Teens Are Using Social Media

Added by Katie Lepi on 2013-07-23

All of us old-ish folks that didn’t grow up with hand held technology from the time we were just getting into big-kid beds sometimes ponder that children now enter the online world at a much younger age than we did. They’ll never have to deal with a corded telephone or wait for someone to send them snail-mail (or, as I so blandly knew it to be called, “mail). This handy infographictakes a look at the effects that the digital age is having on younger minds and offers insight into how teens are using social media. Keep reading to learn more.

Did You Know?

  • The average age when a child begins regularly consuming online media is 8
  • Even though Facebook’s minimum age requirement is 13, there are about 5 million users under the age of 10
  • About 10 hours and 45 minutes per day are spent online (for 8-18 year olds)
  • 25% of teens log into to social media 10+ times per day
  • 51% of kids say they’ve been bullied online, and 49% say they have been the online bully
  • Only 50% of parents have installed parental controls for their kids online interactions, but 72% worry that their kids will reveal inappropriate information online
  • 88% of teens value social media because it helps them keep in touch with friends they don’t see often

Growing Up With Social Media


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