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Personalized Learning, Big Data and Schools Personalized Learning, Big Data and Schools September 9, 2013 The Best Buy back to school commercial, “Lidia Marin,” highlights personalization and customization. The viewer finds out that Lidia Marin, a marine biology major, loves marine biology and has a dream to be a marine biologist. Lidia and a Best Buy salesperson enter the dreamlike […]

The Definition Of Personalized Learning The Definition Of Personalized Learning 09/12/2013, Terry Heick The definition of personalized learning is any learning experience that is self-initiated and self-directed in pursuit of outcomes that are first personal (e.g., curiosity-based, self-prioritized, etc.) This includes the identification of potential topics, self-assessment, publishing, connecting with peer sets and experts, and other important components of […]

Personalized learning, computers and the “warm-body effect” Personalized learning, computers and the “warm-body effect” POSTED BY Anya Kamenetz ON September 5, 2013 American Radio Works has recently released a five-part documentary on “personalized learning in the digital age.” In the second chapter they take on one of the more interesting and controversial threads of scholarship on learning and technology: Bloom’s Two-Sigma […]

Personalized Learning for Teachers Too! Personalized Learning for Teachers Too! September 4, 2013 By Krista Moroder “… so, in conclusion, you can provide personalized learning opportunities for your students right now! You can build a blended learning environment to support anytime-everywhere learning! You can track student growth through portfolios! And you can support a growth mindset by encouraging students […]

5 School Technologies To Watch: Personalized Learning Is Here 10/22/2012 @ 9:23PM 5 School Technologies To Watch: Personalized Learning Is Here   Eric Savitz, Forbes Staff Guest post written by Jeremy Friedman Jeremy Friedman is founder and CEO of Schoology, a provider of classroom management software. The past few years have seen a steady influx of new investment, new companies and new opportunities […]

125 Top Blogs on Blended Learning 125 Top Blogs on Blended Learning By Katie Vander Ark, September 7, 2013. Last year we published a list of 60+ blended learning articles. With the extensive use of blended learning in classrooms and lots of shared success stories, we doubled that total. Following are 125 blogs by category. Point us to stories we […]

The uncomfortable truth about personalized learning The uncomfortable truth about personalized learning by Stephen Laster, McGraw-Hill Education Semptember 2, 2013 SUMMARY: There doesn’t need to be a fight between teaching and technology in the classroom. The right combination of the two can deliver personalized learning to improve kids’ understanding and enable success. It’s an uncomfortable truth. Technology can improve teaching. […]