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Öğretmenleri ve Okul Yöneticilerini 21.yy’a Hazırlamak Öğretmenleri ve okul yöneticilerini 21.yy’a hazırlamak Posted byAndreas SCHLEICHER March 17, 2012 PISA’da en yüksek performansı gösteren ve en hızlı gelişen 25 okul sisteminin 23’ünün bakanları, sendika ve okul liderleri, öğretmenlerinin ve okul yöneticilerinin 21.yy’a nasıl hazırlanacağını tartışmak üzere, ABD Eğitim Bakanı Duncan, OECD ve Education International tarafından davet edildiler. Bu toplantı eğitimde değişiklik […]

6 Great Tech Questions for 21st Century Teachers and Students 6 Great Tech Questions for 21st Century Teachers and Students The wide embrace of technology in education and the growing use of digital media in classrooms have expanded the meaning of literacy to account for these digital innovations. Both teachers and students are now required to develop a proficiency with the use of technology […]

7 Important Literacies of 21st Century 7 Important Literacies of 21st Century I have been studying literacy for more than a year in my Literacy Education MAEd program and have also written a 12 pages research paper on it but each time I sit down to write about it I discover a lot of new insights. Literacy is a deceptively […]

12 Important Questions for 21st Century Teachers 12 Important Questions for 21st Century Teachers One of my favourite topics to talk about here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is the 21st Century Education and particularly the 21st century teacher. The last thing I have published in this regard was the 22 Digital Skills every 21st Century should Have. I strongly […]

22 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher Must Have 22 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher Must Have One of the most popular articles I have written in this blog was about the33 Digital Skills Every 21st Teacher should Have. This post has been used in several digital literacy courses in some universities in the States and also here in Canada, I also […]

27 Characteristics of 21st Century Teacher 27 Characteristics of 21st Century Teacher “21st Century Educator” is probably the most popular buzzword in today’s education. There is a growing and heated debate whether or not to label educators as 21st century and each camp has its own concept and arguments, however, for me personally I see teaching in 21st century as […]

33 Digtial Skills Every 21st Century Teacher Should Have 33 Digtial Skills Every 21st Century Teacher Should Have Every single teacher is concerned about his/ her teaching practices and the skills involved in this process. How many times have you wondered about a better way to teach the same lesson you have delivered to an eariler class? How often have you used technology […]