7 Great EdTech Tools for the Maths Classroom


7 Great EdTech Tools for the Maths Classroom

By Laura Bates Published August 1, 2013

Maths is one of the subjects where EdTech tools really come into their own. From fun games that fire off those fast questions you need to keep you on your toes, to 3D visualisations of shapes and objects, to clear pictorial representations of complex concepts, there are endless online tools that can add to and enrich the maths classroom. Maths apps and websites can be a brilliant addition to classroom or project work, but with the rise of fantastic new sites allowing students to work on whole games and codes online, it can also provide them with great ways to keep learning outside the classroom too. Here are 7 of our top tools…

EdTech Tools for Maths

1. Chart Gizmo

This fantastic free tool is a must for every maths classroom – it enables students to plug in data and turn it into almost any kind of chart, from pie charts and bar graphs to Scatterplots and time series. All chart settings are customizable and data can be imported from Excel, making it quick and easy to use.

2. Matlab

Perfect for older students, this is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. It allows students to analyse data, create their own algorithms, and create models and applications to help them understand complex mathematical concepts.

3. Tutpup

A lovely website where children can compete in fun educational maths games against other students from all over the world. Categories include times tables, algebra and mixed maths. This is a great way to get kids really engaged with maths by appealing to their competitive instincts!

4. Globaloria

A brilliant website where students can use maths and STEM knowledge to create educational online games and then share them with other students through an online social networking community. For students with a bit less time on their hands you can also just login and play games already created by other students, such as ‘Addition Man’! Dedicated to promoting global citizenship, the site also promotes games about issues such as social justice.

5. Mo Math

This fantastic website from the ‘National Museum of Mathematics’ has a great range of puzzles and quizzes for students to try, and is dedicated to creating links between maths and the real world!

6. Math Playground

A great site packed full of fun online games that use maths and challenge students to work out the solutions! From maths Tetris to fraction puzzles and alien angles it’s a great way to make maths fun in and out of the classroom.

7. Algebasics

A great site for all the basics of algebra and equations, including clear explanation to help students understand the functions, and practice problems for students to solve.

What EdTech tools are you using to engage and excite your Maths students? Let us know in the comments below.


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