9 Infographics on Mobile Technology & iPads in Education


9 Infographics on Mobile Technology & iPads in Education

July 23, 2013 | Chloe Anderson

From elementary school to grad school, technology is changing the way schools teach and students learn. One of the more common technologies leading this change is the Apple iPad. Below are a few infographics that illustrate all the different ways mobile devices, such as the iPad. are impacting education for both students and teachers. Enjoy!

1. “How Apple Is Revolutionizing Education”

Apple products are being used as tools in classrooms because of their countless apps. These gadgets, from Macbook to iPad, help communication between student and teacher.

Apple Revolutionizing Education iPad in Classroom

Source Credit OnlineDegrees

2. “Students & Technology”

Our personal mobile devices make life way too simple. iPads and other tablets can help make education much more useful.

Students and Technology iPad in Education

Source Credit BachelorsDegreeOnline

3. “Teaching with Tablets”

Since Grandma Agnes is about the only one you know who can’t quite master the smartphone, why not use its bigger screened, older brother in the classroom? Tablets, like the iPad, make interaction easy in the classroom while introducing students to the world’s new technology.

Teaching with Tablets iPad in Education

Source Credit OnlineUniversities

4. “Bye Bye Textbooks”

Not only saving students money, but also some time and back pain, online coursework is readily available on the iPad. This change in the classroom will make the classic excuse of, “Sorry, I forgot my book” disappear forever! And who isn’t for saving a tree or two?!

Technology New Textbook iPad in Education

Source Credit Schools.com

5. “Strangest Places Students Study”

Making your dream of studying with your toes in the sand a reality, your iPad makes studying on-the-go possible! With the limitations of Wi-Fi, of course, students everywhere have their course materials portable to keep up with our hectic, live in the moment lifestyles!

iPad Classroom Study

Source Credit CafeScribe

6. “Graduating with Technology”

It’s very clear that technology has made education much more engaging. Apps, search engines, and quick iMessages are used as part of the average person’s daily life. Why not use these familiar tools in our education?

Technology after Graduation iPad in Education

Source Credit LearnStuff

7. “Wireless Technology in the Classroom”

Both students and teachers are interested in how technology can help their education experience. The endless resources that the iPad provides make learning and teaching much more interactive.

Technology in Classroom iPad Education

Source Credit SecurEdge Networks

8. “Leveraging Technology For K-12 Learning”

From online readings to checking grades, personal devices help bring school home without hauling a 50 lb. backpack with you. The iPad provides a tool that connects a parent to their child’s education.

Technology iPad Education K-12

Source Credit Education Week

9. “Kids & the Mobile Technology Takeover”

It’s no secret that our newest generation will be surrounded by new technology, probably even jetpacks. By putting iPads in the classroom, they will better adjust to the influence technology will have on their entire lives.

Mobile Takeover Kids iPad in Education

Source Credit EverydayFamily

Each of these infographics have shown how technology will continue to be a large part of our education. The addition of iPads to classrooms is a trend that we will see pick up throughout schools nationwide and probably even worldwide. Students and teachers given this technology will only help to better our education systems as a whole.


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