How To Improve Your Social Media Skills In 30 Minutes A Day

How To Improve Your Social Media Skills In 30 Minutes A Day

Added by Jeff Dunn on 2013-07-21

Getting the most out of social media takes time and effort, right? Only if you let it. In fact, there’s a popular visual going around that was originally made for marketers but could just as easily be useful to teachers, students, and school administrators. Whether you’re a social media expert, beginner, or somewhere in between, this has some awesome tips to help you improve your social media skills and more.

The tips are divided into particular social networks. From Twitter and Facebook to Instagram, there are a lot of quick tips that any teacher on the run (isn’t that every single one?!) should know about.

Scheduling Messages

Some of the biggest tips are really marketers-only, mind you. For example, the graphic encourages you to schedule tweets and other posts. I wouldn’t recommend that if you’re participating in a hashtag chat like #edchat or simply looking to actually have a conversation with your PLN. That being said, scheduling messages is a great way to keep people aware of your blog posts and other evergreen content. Stuck in meetings all day? Going on vacation? Scheduling a couple messages could be an easy way to help people stay in the know about what you’re working on or thinking.

Talk To People Talking To You

Another solid tip I see in the Pinterest section is to ‘engage with recent pinners’ which can be translated into ‘talk to people who are talking to you.’ That goes for all the social networks like Facebook and Instagram, for example. If people are looking at your postings online, don’t ignore them. Interact! Chat! Learn from them! That’s the beauty of social media, right?

What are some of your time-saving social media tips? What are the most important social media skills a teacher or student should have? What can teachers learn from marketers and vice versa?

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