This Is Why Teachers Quit

This Is Why Teachers Quit

Added by Katie Lepi on 2013-07-16

While its pretty obvious that keeping great teachers is really important for education, and that things like funding and mentoring programs are integral to that retention, some of the statistics shown in the handy infographic below are much less obvious. It details why teachers quit, the ramifications of that, and more.

Keeping great teachers in the classroom is as much about retaining them as it is about hiring and training them. Yet while it can take educators approximately five years to master their craft, 30 percent of new teachers stop far short of that and leave the classroom within the first two years. Teacher attrition is a real problem that many school systems face. In an effort to communicate the causes, consequences and solutions to this issue, this infographic has been created to shed some light on teacher turnover.

A Few Takeaways

  • 14% of teachers leave the profession after one year. The longer a teacher teaches, the less likely they are to leave.
  • The majority of teachers who leave the profession cite dissatisfaction with the administration as the reason (38%).
  • 71% of all teachers say they bring their own supplies to the classroom!
  • Teacher turnover rates in areas with mentoring and support programs are less than half than those with no support (9%/21%).

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