The Future Impact of Technology on Education

The Future Impact of Technology on Education

David Smart, Jul 13, 2013

Many years ago, the tools-of-the-trade for schoolteachers were a chalkboard, dusty eraser, and box of chalk. Today, instructors all around the world harness some of the most advanced technology to help strengthen the advancement of education. When looking at all of the available technology in the present day, one must ponder the possibilities of the future. And it is evident in many ways that the advancement of technology will certainly promote the effectiveness and impact of education.

One area in which this is evident is “distance learning.” The ability to effectively teach and learn over a long distance is made possible by web services and cameras, but there is certainly more to come. Eventually interaction with off-site students will be incredibly easy and astonishingly effective. With certain innovation, the international-outreach of students will be a promising endeavor.

In addition, the advancement of technology will foster an increased availability to hands-on learning. We are already seeing this trend develop with 3-D printing, which allows subjects such as architecture, anatomy, and engineering to be explored in a more cost-friendly and detail-oriented way. As compared to the traditional classrooms of books and lectures, classrooms of the future will feature more tools than ever at students’ disposals, allowing a more realistic study of the topic at hand.

Furthermore, technological advancements will lead to a more convenient and focused learning environment. Rather than be bogged down with technical details and cumbersome methodology, students and teachers will enjoy a to-the-point approach to education. Advanced algorithms are already able to diagnose students’ learning styles. Can you imagine what the future has in store?

Altogether, technological advancements will promote the accessibility of education, the availability of hands-on learning, and the effectiveness of educational strategy, thus ensuring a positive outcome for the future of learning.

About the Author: Hi, I am David Smart, a high school senior in Bowling Green, KY. I enjoy writing on a variety of subjects, especially Technology.


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