How To Effectively Use The Top 4 Social Networks

How To Effectively Use The Top 4 Social Networks

Added by Katie Lepi on 2013-07-13

Have you ever wondered why you need to be a member of the top 4 social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the whole host of other social networking sites that your friend invite you to be a part of? Maybe you should only join Facebook. Or maybe Google+ would be the better option. Doesn’t everyone end up connected in all of the same places anyway?

Well, the short version of the answer is no. But this handy infographic takes a look at who is using which social networks and for what. Think of it as a handy guide to which social network is best for doing what and when. Keep reading to learn more.

What Site Is Best For What?

  • Facebook: Best for interacting on a more personal level with your contacts.
  • Twitter: Use it to address customer service concerns in front of a large audience.
  • LinkedIn: Best for showing off your professional accomplishments.
  • Google+: Use it to start conversations with groups.


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