10 Twitter Mistakes You’re Probably Making



10 Twitter Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Added by Jeff Dunn on 2013-07-10

Do you like to introduce people to other people on Twitter? After doing so, do you monitor their conversation over the next few hours and days? You might be an over-sharer or an under-user. The latter is a term I just made up but it’s basically when you jump onto Twitter, introduce people to each other, then vanish. Now imagine if that was a dinner party. What would that dinner party be like if you introduced two people and then suddenly vanished? That’s the idea behind this fun visual guide to Twitter mistakes you’re probably making.

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What about Klout? Do you just give other people +K for already being influential? That’s the kind of thing that might get you beaten up in real life. At least, that’s according to this visual fromDashburst which is taking a funny slant on some popular Twitter mistakes you should know about.

A good thing to note: there is a NSFW-ish term in the third listing below. Nothing bad but just worth noting. I know the audience of Edudemic is primarily adults so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Personally, I like the direct message spam mistake on this visual. I still don’t understand why I get a torrent of direct messages with random obscured links saying things like “I saw you doing this online xyzlink.biz.tv” and that someone expects me to click on that. Just amazing.


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