Why Mobile Learning Is Inevitable


Why Mobile Learning Is Inevitable

Added by Jeff Dunn on 2013-06-05

This may sound like a lofty title, but it’s not wrong. There’s an impressive presentation making the rounds dubbed “Mobile is eating the World” by Benedict Evans. In the presentation, Evans shows some staggering charts, interesting factoids, and all the other statistics you’d expect with a title so grand. It makes me think about mobile learning, mobile browsing, and mobile everything.

But the real story here is about education. It’s about how we’re all going to be learning in the next few years and generations according to the data in the presentation below.

Mobile learning is not only on the rise, it’s inevitable.

As you can see in the presentation below (there’s just 24 slides, pretty easy to scroll through and worth it!) the number of smartphones being sold is soaring while other hardware (desktops, for example) are slumping. That might be why I’m not expecting any majorly exciting things out of next week’s WWDC announcement(s) by Apple. They’re expected to show off new Macbooks and perhaps an internet radio service.

So not many people will care about the Macbook announcement(s) but they will care about the internet radio service which some are calling iRadio. They’ll care because any service like this is perfect for smartphones and mobile. You could listen to any song anywhere for free. So yes, it’s like Spotify and whatever but the real story here is that people are caring a whole lot more about the MOBILE aspect rather than the desktop news.

Same goes for education. It’s a mobile-first world out there and that’s why some of the biggest and fastest-growing tools in education are apps and mobile-friendly web tools. Don’t believe me? Check out this list. Now, check out the presentation below:

Source: Mobile is eating the World


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