Where Did The Word Wiki Come From?


Where Did The Word Wiki Come From?

Added by Katie Lepi on 2013-07-06

People I know often think that since I write for a website, I must Know Everything About The Internet. Well, first – I don’t. Second: that doesn’t stop people from asking a lot of questions. One that I’ve gotten a number of times as of late is “What’s a ‘wiki’ anyway?”. That question popped into my mind when I came across this infographic. If a few people are asking, then they mustn’t be the only ones who could benefit from an explanation. So – do you want to know more about wikis? Keep reading to learn more!

Where Did The Word Wiki Come From?

  • A wiki is defined as a ‘web page designed so that its content can be edited by anyone’.
  • Wiki is derived from proto-central-eastern-polynesian. “Witi” is hawaiian for ‘quick’.
  • Honolulu International Airport uses the term wiki for their ‘quick quick’ shuttle between terminals. It is called the ‘wiki wiki shuttle’
  • The first wiki project started in 1994 – wikiwikiweb, with the name derived from the airport shuttle.
  • Wikipedia made its debut in 2001



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