12 Important Questions for 21st Century Teachers


12 Important Questions for 21st Century Teachers

One of my favourite topics to talk about here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is the 21st Century Education and particularly the 21st century teacher. The last thing I have published in this regard was the 22 Digital Skills every 21st Century should Have. I strongly believe that the role of this teacher has undergone a major and transformational change due to the introduction of technology into teaching and learning. This seamless change has also brought about another change in the ” teachable” priorities, learning styles, and strategic objectives.

The 21st century teacher deals with new emerging challenges the most daunting of which is getting students engaged, motivated, and on-task. Today’s students have a very short and limited attention span and have developed new learning modes, ones that draw on interconnectivity and networked collaboration.These and several other factors render 21st century teaching a serious challenge .

David Penberg from Smart Blogs came up with a list of 12 important questions for the 21st century. These questions have no right or wrong answer ” But they are invitations to reexamine the very basis of why we entered this most honorable of callings in the first place “. Check them out below and share with us what you think of them. ” Enjoy

Click on this LINK to download it.


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